Enjoyable music

Red Tarmacs | IZEU | Approach the Polystyriophon: Special Edition Remaster | Pretty Boy Attack | Cattle Chest | Let's Cathect

Electronic music

Plangent as a Bronze Bell | Old Matters | Injustice Against the Dead EP | Guitar Music EP | Disavowal of Magical Practices

Music for film, theatre, and dance

Trio with Corrinne Bailey | Trio with Gwen Feldman | Trio with Rebecca Burcher | Earth Star | Tectrix | A Perfect Record | The Oil Project | muss es sein

Music for large ensemble

This Whole Place Used To Be A Lake for orchestra [download materials] | Soul Music for sinfonietta [download materials]

Chamber music

Pallor for chamber ensemble and electronics [download materials] | Red River of the North for violin and cello [buy score] | The Panoramic for trombone and chamber ensemble [buy score] | The Unseasonable for violin duo [buy score] | The Eyelash In My Teeth for baritone sax, percussion, and fixed media [download materials] | The Senses Tablecloth for violin and piano [download score] | There's No Place for string quartet [download materials] | The Recording You Will Now Hear for chamber ensemble [download materials]

Music for soloists

Script for toy piano [download score] | Suburb for glockenspiel and fixed media [download materials] | Bare Azaleas for violin and fixed media [download materials] | Outstanding Debts for flute [download score] | Gift Wrap for piano [download score]

Youth music

Foreign Lander for grade 3 strings [download materials] | Diving Deep for piano [buy collection]

Music for unspecified performers


Writings on records

Tachitipo, Zosha di Castri | Elegies for Theremin & Voice, Carolina Eyck | Pleasure Island, Tim Parkinson | Tárogató Constructions, Esther Lamneck | Younger Than Yesterday, the Byrds | Mind Out of Matter, Alarm Will Sound | Sift, Transient Canvas | Sanctuary, Mario Diaz de Leon and TAK Ensemble | bc+1, Binary Canary | Melting the Darkness, Miranda Cuckson | Selected Compositions (1993-2013), Thomas DeLio | Big Robot, Big Robot | The Crutch of Memory, Aaron Cassidy | Devisadero, Christopher Shultis

Scholarly writings

Future Order | Critical Aesthetics and Compositional Informatics | Voice-Leading and Harmonic Criteria in the First Phrase of Stuart Saunders Smith's Rose | The Spiritual Construction of Tuning in American Experimental Music | Structural Integration of Television Phenomena in Joji Yuasa's Observations on Weather Forecast